THE ONLY Equine Hind Gut Ulcer Supplement with a United States Patent

A natural blend of USP Grade and amino acid chelated minerals, vitamins and micro-encapsulated probiotics. 100% active ingredients - No fillers.

Minerals such as USP Grade magnesium oxide, and amino acid chelated forms of calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, and chromium act to nutritionally buffer excess acidity in equine biochemistry with timed release precision. 

This image shows two samples of Magnesium Oxide at 4x magnification. USP Grade (pharmaceutical grade) vs. Feed Grade (the stuff you get at the feed store). The reason for the brown coloration is impurities like toxic heavy metals and mineral contaminants which interfere with good biochemistry in the body - the pure stuff is white.

Our probiotics cultures are micro-encapsulated to protect the micro-organisms from digestive acids and enzymes - just long enough to reach the hind gut where they truly belong and can restore healthy digestive function.

Nutrient Buffer® H/G supplies vitamins A, B complex, micro-encapsulated (for timed release) vitamin C and water solubilized vitamin E in doses shown to encourage lower gastrointestinal, metabolic and immune health.

Nutrient Buffer® H/G fuels biochemical pathways and enzyme systems to help overcome food, mineral, and other nutritional deficiencies. Restoring healthy immune function is important to kill the organisms which have escaped the intestinal walls, invading and infecting outer tissues and body cavities - made possible by excessive intestinal permeability or “Leaky Gut Syndrome.”

Nutrient Buffer® H/G neutralizes excess hind gut acidity, improving conditions for probiotics to flourish in the gut and also supports the immune system to fight infections.

A mucus membrane protects equine intestinal tissue from digestive acids and enzymes. When the hind gut is chronically over-acidic, this membrane can degrade - exposing the biological tissue directly to the high acid digestive contents. This can reduce the structural integrity of the biological tissue - increasing likelihood of ulcers and intestinal permeability such as undigested food particles, parasites, viruses, worms, bacteria, allergens and toxins penetrating the gut wall. Proper mucus formation allows for healthy, strong, digestive walls to let these normal gut inhabitants pass safely, and harmlessly, through the digestive tract and out.

Protected by U.S. Patent: #5976579


4.5 - 6 scoops / day
(depending on size of horse)

10 lbs. will usually last for 30 days. Best if divided into three, or minimally two, feedings per day. DO NOT DOSE (OR FEED) WITH VINEGAR or any other acid. May be added to apple sauce, molasses, or other flavoring to improve palatability to the horse. DO NOT DOSE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. If no improvement is seen after 2 weeks then double check your feeding protocol to be sure it is congruent with Vita Royal recommendations. Thyroid therapy may be recommended if you do not see progress in the first 2 weeks.

Nutrient Buffer® liquid is for the stomach.
Nutrient Buffer® H/G targets the hind gut.

Together they make a safe, effective and optimal vitamin, mineral and probiotics buffering system for the entire equine digestive tract. Both supplements have been awarded U.S. Patents for their independent, reliable and natural functions in the body - so you can be confident that they have been thoroughly researched and evaluated. It also means that Nutrient Buffer® supplements cannot be copied in the market place.


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